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summer snippets / a life update

Summer 19 has just begun and already I have experienced a large amount of change in different areas of my life. Welcome to summer snippets.

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something short and sweet…again

To all 500 of you…
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a snapshot of a time well spent

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My first tattoo

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20 things for your 20th birthday // cute & personal DIY birthday present

It’s the year of turning 20. At least it is in my friend group, which means I have had to come up with some gift ideas for all of my wonderful friends. Continue reading “20 things for your 20th birthday // cute & personal DIY birthday present”

Do men struggle with body image issues too?

FRIENDLY FACES is a casual conversation amongst friends about life, education and growing up.

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Growing up is hard, man

Buckle up kids because this one’s about to get pretty real.

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Growing apart

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