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Antwerp, Belgium.

One great thing about living in a country previously unknown and unvisited by me is that I get the chance to explore it every day. One of the destinations on my wish list: Antwerp.

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Lake Life / summer 18 travel diary

There is something about lying next to the calming blue water of a lake, soaking in the sun and reading that book you have been wanting to read for ages that is so idyllic to me.
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Boom. I’m back. / the education diary (6)

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Life as a teenager (with Words From Adaria)

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The conspiracy

Story-time post incoming: I’ve decided to share a weird thing that has been happening for the last three months.

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Doing things alone

Especially now that I have (for the most part) moved out from home, I have been faced with a lot of tasks that I never really did by myself back when living with my parents.

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Welcome to my personal hell / the education diary (5)

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a few moments from 2017 (short film)

Happy New Year Everybody!

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Stress, but the good kind / the education diary (4)

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