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The Astrology Archive – Taurus ♉︎

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something short and sweet…again

To all 500 of you…
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Late night thoughts

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My first tattoo

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Brussels, Belgium.

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Antwerp, Belgium.

One great thing about living in a country previously unknown and unvisited by me is that I get the chance to explore it every day. One of the destinations on my wish list: Antwerp.

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Life without a phone

I met one of my good friends a couple of weeks ago and while we were browsing through different shops she was like “You know what you should do? You should write about how having no phone has been affecting your life“. So here I am, writing exactly that. Continue reading “Life without a phone”

Mechelen, Belgium.

Belgium… home to three languages, french fries with mayonnaise and beer. Continue reading “Mechelen, Belgium.”

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