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Having different political opinions

Relationships come in all types and sizes – romance, flings, friendship, family, etc. Yet there is undoubtedly that one topic that threatens to divide even the closest of us…  Continue reading “Having different political opinions”


what ya girl is up to this summer + some essentials

Continue reading “what ya girl is up to this summer + some essentials”

Growing up is hard, man

Buckle up kids because this one’s about to get pretty real.

Continue reading “Growing up is hard, man”

What pushes you to write? (3)

Two bloggers give their reasons for writing in the latest installment of The Passion Project. 

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things I’ve been liking lately (2)

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EVERYTHING SPRING: spring essentials

Hi friends of the Internet,

aahh spring – can’t you just already feel it in the air? Continue reading “EVERYTHING SPRING: spring essentials”

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What pushes you to write? (2)

For this feature of The Passion Project, Alex from About My Awkward Life shares her reasons for expressing herself through the written word. Continue reading “What pushes you to write? (2)”

It feels like we only go backwards

Regarding life at its current state in its political climate, I find myself to be pretty angry and worried. This worry is something I may not actively dwell on all the time but it’s still there, under the surface. Continue reading “It feels like we only go backwards”

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