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things I’ve been liking lately

Here’s a few things I have been enjoying lately. Continue reading “things I’ve been liking lately”


No strings attached

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What pushes you to write?

5 bloggers describe the driving force behind their passion for writing in The Passion Project. 

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Do you ever just feel…stuck?

I am stuck; stuck in my past, stuck in my feelings, stuck in my life. Paralysed by uncertainty. For once I shut a door, it will forever be closed. And that fear of making the wrong decision has started to rule my life. 

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something short and sweet

To all 200 of you,

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Falling for fuckboys

In this day and age, a separate category in dating has lifted itself up from the masses: the hookup culture. And it should be no surprise to hear that it comes hand in hand with fuckboys. Continue reading “Falling for fuckboys”

a few moments from 2017 (short film)

Happy New Year Everybody!

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The zombie generation

There once was a time where I would have done about anything to get new Instagram followers. Continue reading “The zombie generation”

Great Expectations

I have already touched on the general subject of opening up a few times in the past, like in the post about my trust issues and here. But I have never really written about the expectations that come along with it. 

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