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An anti-christmas playlist

It’s officially that time of the year. The snow bells ringing, walking in a winter wonderland time of year.

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Late night thoughts

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Paris, France.

Bonjour Paris. When I arrived with a group of friends, I had this strange experience of longing to have someone to share this experience with. Strange it was indeed, as I wouldn’t necessarily claim to be a traditional romantic – in fact, I always loathed the idea of having to wait for a man in order to travel somewhere.

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a soundtrack to autumn 18

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a snapshot of a time well spent

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My first tattoo

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Brussels, Belgium.

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20 things for your 20th birthday // cute & personal DIY birthday present

It’s the year of turning 20. At least it is in my friend group, which means I have had to come up with some gift ideas for all of my wonderful friends. Continue reading “20 things for your 20th birthday // cute & personal DIY birthday present”

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