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Boom. I’m back. / the education diary (6)

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The Person Behind: Indy’s Soliloquies

After a little social media break on my part I am back with another feature of The Person Behind. Joining me today is Indy, a young blogger with the intention of creating a space of honest communication and inclusiveness.

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all the times social anxiety skins me whole

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Life as a teenager (with Words From Adaria)

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A group of people is called hell

Have you ever felt like your decisions are sometimes out of your control? Fear and panic take over, making up those choices for you. That’s anxiety.

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The conspiracy

Story-time post incoming: I’ve decided to share a weird thing that has been happening for the last three months.

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The Person Behind: MY WILD SPACE

My newest feature in this series is Isabél, the creative mind behind MY WILD SPACE, a blog with the purpose of sparking conversation amongst readers. With me she talks about being outspoken of your beliefs, the media and its effect on self-love and chasing your dreams. Continue reading “The Person Behind: MY WILD SPACE”

A casual conversation with Amabilia Lifestyle

Well hello there friends of the Internet,

long time, no chat! Today’s post is something a little different – a collaboration with the wonderful Shelly from Amabilia Lifestyle!

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You asked, I answered.

So a couple of weeks (more like months) back I asked you all to ask me questions about myself, this blog or the most random shit in the universe. Here are my answers. Continue reading “You asked, I answered.”

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