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I took a personality test

Who am I? That is the question I ask myself on a daily basis. I took a personality test to find out just how much I knew about myself.
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Putting your faith in people

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…is nothing to be ashamed about.

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#2 Why are you like this?

As I have a few things to share about myself that I view as strange I thought I’ll just make a “series” out of this.

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Turning a new page

2017 is the year everything will change for me. I have been excited for high school to end for quite some time now, I’m ready to embark on future journeys, but still – a sense of dread is holding me back.  Continue reading “Turning a new page”

#1 Why are you like this?

Okay so story of my life time:

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Essay: The misogynistic horror show


The discrimination of women in the world is still a real problem, despite our huge strides against it, especially in the last few years. Continue reading “Essay: The misogynistic horror show”

The Kardashians helped me become confident with my curves

As a child, I distinctly remember a friend of mine observing “Wow, you’re butt is kind of big”. It is true – even as a child I was curvy. Continue reading “The Kardashians helped me become confident with my curves”

Expressing myself #1: Building a fortress

As a teenager, privacy in a house full of family can be difficult. My room is the only place where I truly feel it belongs to me and I can do whatever I please. I am lucky to have parents who don’t restrict me in any way when it comes to expressing my creativity. One way I express myself is through creating a space that represents me.

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