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The Person Behind: Sea Foaming

Meet Abby Strangward, founder and editor of Sea Foaming, an online youth magazine run exclusively by teens that revolves around art, culture and music.

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Doing things alone

Especially now that I have (for the most part) moved out from home, I have been faced with a lot of tasks that I never really did by myself back when living with my parents.

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How I like to express myself

In the early days of this blog I started a series called Expressing Myself in which I only ever wrote one post (haha fail): Expressing myself #1: Building a fortress.

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The Person Behind: @requiemroses

Meet Sophia, the girl boss who single-handedly runs @requiemroses, one of Instagram’s most influential vintage inspired accounts with close to 60k followers. Continue reading “The Person Behind: @requiemroses”

Welcome to my personal hell / the education diary (5)

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Ask me stuff

Hola friends of the Internet,  Continue reading “Ask me stuff”

The Person Behind: kinga.jpg

In this week’s feature, get to know Kinga Kutermankiewicz, a young photographer and blogger from London and the person behind kinga.jpg.

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Get to know me better / The Liebster Award

It seems like autumn/winter is the most dominant award season here on WordPress.  Continue reading “Get to know me better / The Liebster Award”

The Person Behind: Midnight Wanderer

Welcome to season deux of The Person Behind! With me today I have Chloe from Midnight Wanderer, who shared her hopes and visions for society, her blog and her future. Continue reading “The Person Behind: Midnight Wanderer”

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