If I’m honest the subject of this blog is very selfish – I will be talking about myself. I am the only thing I am 100% sure about these days.

Confession numero 2: The thing about this blog is that I don’t exactly know in which topics I will cover in the future – the idea behind this personal blog is that I have freedom regarding the content I post. I want this to be a diverse platform, not restricted in any way by a certain genre of blog.

Second Blog:

I have another blog over on blogspot called RecapWizard, where I basically review, write recaps, sum up and discuss TV-shows, books and movies. My disease of “incurable Netflix obsession” inspired me to start with that blog in 2015. If you’re a junkie just like me, pay a visit by clicking here.

About me


I am a teenager.

My room is always messy (that’s my design).

I like to stay up late and sleep in.

I am probably mildly addicted to the Internet.

I currently have a weird obsession with photographing trees. (Sorry!)

I love music.

And cats.

I hate vanilla-scented everything.

I sometimes think I think too much.


Self-confessed Netflix junkie.

Fangirl for life.

Enthusiastic blogger.

Contact: imfionajessop@gmail.com