Greetings Internet!

My name is Fiona and welcome to this organized chaos I like to call my life. I started this blog due to different reasons:

1) I would like to document my thoughts and small chunks of my life

2) this is a great way to develop my writing

3) this space is a creative outlet for me.

The idea behind this personal blog is that I have freedom regarding the content I post. I want this to be a diverse platform, not restricted in any way by a certain genre of blog. I guess you could say that instead of trying to fit the mold, I want the mold to fit me.

Second Blog

I have another blog over on blogspot called RecapWizard dedicated to my entertainment, film and television industry musings. My disease of “incurable Netflix obsession” inspired me to start with that blog in 2015. If you’re a junkie just like me, pay a visit by clicking here.

Facts about me

I am a teenager.

My room is always messy (that’s my design).

Night owl.


Mildly addicted to the Internet.

I currently have a weird fascination with photographing trees.

I love music.

And cats.

I hate vanilla-scented everything.

I like to get lost in my thoughts.


Netflix junkie.


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