Bonjour Paris. When I arrived with a group of friends, I had this strange experience of longing to have someone to share this experience with. Strange it was indeed, as I wouldn’t necessarily claim to be a traditional romantic – in fact, I always loathed the idea of having to wait for a man in order to travel somewhere.

Yet Paris itself is a city like no other. Upon arrival in the city centre, there was a charming atmosphere around, almost like the city wanted to sweep you off your feet. The people had an air of mystery and class around them and as we explored different city parts throughout the two days we were visiting,  I started to understand why it was called the city of love.


The Notre-Dame cathedral was so impressive!
After the Sacre Coeur we stopped at Shakespeare and Company, an AMAZING English bookshop. I have one at home as well but this one was far more impressive with their entire second floor dedicated to poetry!
Next stop: the Louvre. This was one of my favourite buildings we saw – that architecture!
We actually weren’t able to go into the museum on the first day because it was closed. We managed to get in the second day though so stay tuned 😉
A very happy yet hungry Fiona awkwardly posing outside the Louvre.
The Champs Élysées is the biggest shopping street in Paris – it was packed with people.
At the end of the Champs Élysées you can find the Arc De Triomphe – as we got free entry as European citizens under 26 we decided to walk to the top!
The view from the top was incredible!
We timed it perfectly, as the sun started to set pretty quickly after we made it to the top. Here’s a shot of the Tour Eiffel!

Lastly we went to see the Eiffel Tower at night. At dark, there is a beautiful light display on the Tour Eiffel that lasts approximately ten minutes. It almost looks like it is sparkeling! Those ten minutes made up one of the most magical moments I have ever experienced. Though I only got to see it from afar, I’d love to get to experience those ten minutes up on the Eiffel Tower one day. I can only imagine how beautiful (and romantic) it must be when you’re in the midst of all of those lights.

A friend and I taking in the view. 

To finish off the night, we went to grab dinner at an Italian restaurant. It was the perfect way to end the evening; friends, exhausted laughter, pizza and wine. 


We started off our second day in Paris by wandering to the Sacré-Coeur.
We found a quiet spot on the way which offered a breathtaking view.
It was actually quite cold that day but you know, anything to get a good picture – even if that means freezing half to death. Luckily for me, the only thing that happened is that the cold woke my tired self up.
The Sacré-Coeur – we finally arrived. And boy oh boy was it beautiful!
Check out this amazing view of the city from the steps!
I love the tradition of hanging locks that symbolise love, whether it be romantic or platonic. I think it’s such a special way to honour love and friendship.
On our way to get a long-awaited coffee.
Next stop: The Louvre. And this time, we went inside the museum! 
The building was stunning.
All of the artwork really made me miss visiting museums at home with my friends. We always have such a fun time and I had this moment in the Louvre where I was standing in front of this one painting for a while and… I found myself thinking of funny things my friends would say if they were there.
The Eiffel Tower at day!

Paris, it was a pleasure. What I learnt is that French architecture is stunning, making the city endlessly romantic. Paris is by far one of my favourite cities I have visited so far, I can’t wait to return one day! Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to experience that light show from the Tour Eiffel next time. Au revoir! ❤