It’s the year of turning 20. At least it is in my friend group, which means I have had to come up with some gift ideas for all of my wonderful friends.

One of my ideas is this easy-to-make jar of things I love about my best friend, the other is an equally simple jar of my favourite memories with my best friend. And as most of my friends are turning 20, I came up with 20 items for each jar.



  • 1 jar
  • Scissors
  • hole puncher
  • 1 pen
  • patterned sheets of paper (you will need 20 little notes)
  • some kind of string/ribbon in a chosen colour (for reference, look at the photos below)
  • some chocolate or candy with cute wrappers
  • optional: letter stickers


Step 1

Cut 20 little pieces of paper, ideally as big as a credit card out of the patterned sheets of paper and old them in half. Write 20 personal things about your best friend on them and stick them into the jar.


Step 2

Additionally, cut an extra piece of paper, punch a hole in a corner (optional: stick your friend’s first name initial onto the front side) and write a short and sweet message to your friend – this will serve as the label.



Step 3

Fill the jar with your chosen chocolates and sweets (I tried to stick with a colour theme for both jars). If you want to stick to the theme, fill the jar with exactly 20 sweets.

Please note: if you fill your jar with chocolate sweets, store it in a cool place in order to keep them from melting.



Step 4

Take your ribbon or string, loop it into the hole of your label and tie it around your jar. Close the jar and voilà!


And that concludes this quick and easy DIY birthday present!

✰ Do you like this idea? Have you done something similar yourself? ✰

Let me know!