Hi friends of the Internet,

aahh spring – can’t you just already feel it in the air? Bye bye winter and hello sunshine! It seems like everything is *finally* waking up from a deep winter slumber. What better way to get the season rolling than with a list of a few things I just can’t do without this time of year?

I am thrilled to announce that today’s post is in collaboration with the wonderful Mia, one of the most badass bloggers I have come to know, who has dedicated the whole month of April to collaborations with different bloggers. I find her collab-month to be a brilliant idea and just might steal it sometime in the future 😉 Don’t forget to check out her own take on this topic.

When we were brainstorming for collab ideas, we both immediately gravited towards spring-related topics. Now normally I am not one to celebrate every new season with a post about it but spring in particular is a special season for me. Not only was it the season in which I was born but also a time for all things to blossom and grow again. Okay, I can already feel a few of you rolling your eyes at that but I guess this post will show you a new side to me – I am a spring geek. I feel more productive, motivated, inspired and overall happier this time of year.

Here’s a short imagefilm I made to get you into the whole spring-atmosphere as I know that the weather probably isn’t all sunshine and rainbows everywhere. A friend of mine who lives abroad actually told me yesterday that it feels like she’s living in Siberia at the moment *shudders*. So here’s to hoping that I can transfer a little of my sunshine over to you through this video.



As a lot of my regular readers have probably noticed by now, music is not just a spring essential, but a life essential to me. I’m such a music buff that I count creating themed playlists to one of my many hobbies (as can be seen in the ‘music’ section of my blog). Here is my spring playlist if you would like to give it a listen or get some inspo for your own:


This should be a pretty obvious one – to me, spring is all about the outdoors. That’s why I try to spend as much time as possible outside. This ties in very nicely with what I said above about feeling more productive and motivated in spring. If possible, I’ll even do my uni/blog work outside, preferably somewhere in the shade. It just makes working a lot more fun when you’re not stuck indoors all day long.


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m all about food, in an all day, everyday kind of way. But what I love about spring is that you can combine the outdoors with food and have a picknick. Take a blanket, some food + drinks and a speaker for your phone and you’re set!


This one is pretty self-explanitory, I think. Picknicks are probably one of my favourite spring activites because they’re such an easy way to have a chill get-together with friends. Grab a friend and catch up with them over lunch in a park (or even just in your own garden)! With me for this picknick was my cat Nala, who could probably start her own modelling career. If you don’t believe me, click here.


Even if it’s just water, there are so many different ways you can spice your drink up! I love using my own herbs from my garden, like mint / lemon balm leaves, lavender, etc. Add some fruit or lemon juice for a little extra flavour!


Although I’ve only had my Fujifilm instax mini since christmas, I have fallen in love with it so much there was no way it wasn’t making the list. I like to bring it along to events / activities with friends where I know I’m going to want to hold on to those memories!


Another thing I’m passionate about is reading. Yup, massive book nerd here. I have a serious problem with buying books, I’m not even kidding when I say that 70% of my income is spent on them. To me, a good book is like a good pair of shoes. Or actually no, I take that back because that would imply that you don’t need that many, oops. Let’s just say that spring reading is something I enjoy very much, especially when done outside with a glass of home-made iced tea.


Don’t you just love the endless outfit options that come along with spring? While in winter one could describe my outfit choices as “homeless goth“, I try to put some effort into my spring outfits (well, most of them anyway). I love flowy tops and dresses – this year in particular I’m feeling the floral vibes especially. This is such a cute thrifted blouse I picked up last year, which has definitely been worn quite a lot already.


This is an absolute must-have item. A small purse that only fits the essentials is exactly what every girl should have in my opinion. That way you’re carrying a light, fun purse around with you that looks cute with any outfit!


I can’t stress this point enough. I love wearing tights. They’re so stretchy and comfortable. Throw on a dress or skirt and you’re good to go with an effortlessly chic outfit! Also, for the holder spring days I love pairing tights with ankle boots to give me some extra warmth. Another benefit of wearing tights and a dress/skirt – it’s an outfit that looks good with layers. So if that spring breeze is strong, wear a cardigan or jumper on top!


A useful tip I have learnt over the years is that quality pays off, especially with sunglasses. You want them to look good, do their job and not immediately snap in half. Investing in a pair that suits your face shape will definitely go a long way.




Being the basic bitch I am, I love a good froyo topped with some fresh fruit.


Always always always apply a protective layer under your make-up! There are some great brands like Rituals, that make quality sunscreen just for your face. That way it doesn’t only protect your skin but also moisturizes it at the same time.


This is a big one for me. I don’t know why but as soon as spring somes along my hands are as dry as the sahara desert. Having a small tube of hand moisturizer with me at all times definitely helps wackle that problem.


It makes accessorizing an outfit so much easier.


I know, I know, what a generic thing to say. But I can’t recommend “spring cleaning the people in your life enough. Sometimes cutting toxic people out of your life is exactly what you need. Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel more inspired and happy will go a long way in other areas of your life.


…lots and lots of them.

And that is it with this spring post! A big thank you goes out to Mia, don’t forget to check out her own take on this topic! 

A question for all of you out there: What are some things you can’t live without during this time of the year?