…is nothing to be ashamed about.

I remember being a young teen thrown into puberty and for a long time, everything I took away from my physical changes was that I just needed to hide them.

And I guess it was only around the time that I started working on myself, building up confidence and trying to find myself in one way or another that I decided¬†I didn’t want to be ashamed anymore. I wanted to feel comfortable with myself and that’s when I started to be naked more. Yes I am aware of how weird that sounds out of context.

But really, my advice to any young girl or woman struggling with body confidence is just to spend more time with your naked body. Learn to accept it, learn to embrace it. It changed the way I look at my body, my armour of skin. Getting to know your body, really¬†getting to know it, was one of the first steps in my voyage of self-discovery. But my advice doesn’t just apply to your body. Spend time with yourself, pay attention to your thoughts and needs. It’s very easy to become only passively cognizant of one’s self.