Okay so story of my life time:

Whenever I walk home from the train station and someone is walking behind me my legs kind of just stop working normally. What I mean by that is that the second I notice someone is walking right behind me I consciously start paying attention to the way I walk. And I don’t know what that does to me, but after that I fail to walk like a normal human being. Or maybe I always walk like that but only notice it when I pay attention to it.

Anyway, I just wanted to rant about my weird legs because it’s something that I’ve been “experiencing” for years. Maybe I just get really nervous and uncomfortable when someone is in such close proximity. Maybe everyone has the same problem but nobody talks about it. Have you ever thought that maybe there’s this huge conspiracy against you where you’re somehow different or crazy but everyone acts like that’s normal around you so that you never notice that you’re different?

Okay I think I babbled waaaaay too much.